Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bryson just barely started walking a couple of weeks ago! It's crazy how he just decided one day that he was going to walk and he did! My baby is growing up tooo fast!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This was a couple of days ago, Bryson is in Greg's Birthday present (the bike trailer). This is what he wanted, but it's really a present for me too. As soon as he gets home from work I am going to be sending him packing out the door to take Bryson on a long bike ride!

This is Greg's other new pride and joy, the sherpani. My brother Tyler had one last year when we went to Nauvoo with their family and Greg thought it was the coolest! Hopefully we will be doing a lot of hiking this summer!
Bryson and his best buddy Landon in Landon's John Deere wagon. These two love to do everything together!

Our Family

It's Definitely crazy where life has taken us in the last couple of years. In May of '06 Greg finally graduated from Byu with a double Master's Degree in Business and Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation we bought a duplex in Fort Wayne, Indiana and we lived there for about a year (until last October). We were really sad to leave because we had made a lot of really good friends in Fort Wayne, and we would love to go back some day. In October of '07 we moved to Kirtland, Ohio, and we are trying to get used to living here. It is really neat to live so close to where so much of our church history happened. The ward has taken awhile to get used to. There are some very nice people here, but there are a lot of really different people also. As time goes by I am really starting to love the people in our Ward, even with their quirks and all, after all, don't we all have our quirks?